Silhouette Instructions

Silhouette Images have been around for centuries and became popular in the mid-18th century in France as a method of capturing a person's image.  With modern technology, SparkleMonkey converts your existing photographs into a keepsake or a unique useful item.

We hand convert your photographs so you can send us images that don't have to be perfect, but we recommend some basic guidelines so we can create the most accurate reflection of your profile.

Here are some helpful descriptions for our design choice menus:


1)  Place the subject (person) against a light colored wall (or corner of a room).  When taking a squirmy child's photo, it is easier to ask them to place both hands on the wall in front of them, to square off their shoulders.  If they are really wiggly, ask another person to hold a book or smart phone in front of their face so you can get a profile shot.

2)  Make sure to hold your camera at THEIR shoulder level to get the best image of their nose and chin shape and make sure to include the BACK OF THE HEAD, too!

3)  If they have hair longer than their shoulder, tie hair back in a ponytail or bun to capture their neck line.

4)  After you have taken the shot, email the file to and reference your order number (or upload after your purchase using the Customization Form).  Change the file name or email subject line to include the person's name.

SparkleMonkey will keep your silhouette on file so you can use it again for future designs.  Original photographs, however, are erased after 90 days or 1 month after product fulfillment.

The confirmation page after checkout will request that you upload a photo and also give you the opportunity to make any special requests or comments pertinent to your order.