About SparkleMonkey


SparkleMonkey was founded by Catherine Zimmermann, a Canadian-born, Bethesda, Maryland mom and former "dot-com" executive whose friends often commented on her projects, "Wow, you should sell THAT."  SparkleMonkey offers the best of her ideas - the personalized treasures she originally developed for her own family, specially made just for you. 

The need for household management and organization, artistic creativity combined with functional style has inspired her to create the products you will find on SparkleMonkey.  Part Function.  Part Style.  Designed and Approved by Moms.

SparkleMonkey is an active supporter of a number of charitable and community organizations.  SparkleMonkey donates 10% of after-tax profits to charities that support childrens’ literacy and the arts. 

We hope you are delighted by the collection of treasures we offer -- we thoroughly enjoy making them.  "Like" us on Facebook at SparkleMonkey and tell your friends about us!  And, of course, if you have any new product ideas or suggestions on how we can do better, please tell us.  Thank you for your business!


SparkleMonkey can be found at info@sparklemonkey.com

PMB 207, 4938 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814


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Contact us at info@sparklemonkey.com